Alright, friends, before we jump into all the methods of studying the Bible that I promised we would talk about, this is an important step. Don’t skip past this!

Sure, it sounds noble and “spiritual” to say that you have a plan to study the Bible like a seminary student, but keep in mind – that seminary student is devoting a specific number of years to very intensive study to prepare for a lifetime of ministry. Most students are not in a long-term, sustainable schedule of study.

How would we be able to fulfill all of the people-related commands of Scripture if we spent every minute studying the Bible? There would be no opportunity for our studies to bear practical, eternal fruit and therefore, it would be time wasted.

If you are walking in submission to God, He will then give you only what He has purposed for you and the load will not be too heavy to bear, by His grace (Matthew 11:28-30). Ask Him what time He wants you to give to Him each day and then choose a method of study that works well with that.

You will have to put aside other, lesser things to give this devoted time to studying God’s Word, but the reward in this life and the next will be well worth it!

Now, when you get started, one pitfall to avoid is choosing a method of Bible study just because you saw someone do it on social media or read about it in an article, and it sounded good. I know there are a lot of options for Bible study available to learn about, but when you’re just getting your toes wet, you want to pick a method that does not require a big learning curve.

Too much to learn all at once, while you’re also trying to build your study habit up, is a recipe for failure. You will almost certainly get discouraged and give up, and it will be that much harder for you to get going again. Satan can use too much zeal, not enough planning to his advantage in cases like these.

Seek the Lord, ask Him for direction, and He will make the path clear to you. He wants you in His Word! He wants you to learn about Him and to develop a relationship with Him! He will open the doors as you take one step at a time.

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