Grasping God’s Word by Duvall & Hays

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Welcome back for another monthly Read Review! I can’t tell you how honoured I am that you choose to spend your time with me, whether you’re reading this in the morning or late in the evening quiet. I scavenge my bookshelves all month long, looking for a resource that has challenged and helped me so that I can share it with you and pay that blessing forward. I pray that you will be helped by our time together.

This month we are looking in to a very, very practical tool. This one is going to blow your mind wide open when it comes to studying your Bible.

Have you ever felt like you aren’t equipped to dig deep the way a pastor, evangelist, or missionary would to prepare the sermons they bring to the pulpit? Well, let me tell you I have found the solution – and you don’t even have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a Bible college or seminary degree! Nope, this resource is a set of two, a textbook and a workbook, and you can get them both for less than eighty dollars, all told.

I spent four years in Bible College and an absurd amount of money, and I would say that the single most valuable class I took was in my third year. That class was based on this resource, and it has remained with me when most of the other class notes I took barely occupy space in my brain less than ten years after graduation. Through it, I learned how to study the Bible for myself and I could never put a price tag on that.

So, what is this resource about?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

The authors, Duvall and Hays, lay out in practical and easy to understand terms how to open up the Bible exegetically. Exegesis is when we look for the critical interpretation of a text (i.e. the Bible). In exegetical Bible study, the student discovers what the original meaning of the passage is and what the author’s intention was when they wrote the text. You aren’t just looking at the English words, but at grammar, syntax, the original languages the Bible was written in, as well as the culture and social aspects of the world the writers and audiences were living in and how it would have impacted the meaning/application.

In this world of fancy Bibles and self-focused devotional materials, it can be so easy to forget that the Bible wasn’t written originally written to us. The Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit of God and is God’s Word to all mankind for all time, yes. But God used human writers who brought their own unique personalities and styles to the table. They wrote from the perspective and understanding of the world in which they lived, a world which most of us here wouldn’t even recognize. The human writers and their equally human audiences have been gone for hundreds and thousands of years.

When I come to the Bible, reading it as though Moses was writing the book of Exodus specifically to me, living in the year 2022, I will absolutely miss out on the big picture. When we accept this as the fact that it is, it becomes so incredible to see how our modern presuppositions so deeply colour our understanding of Scripture. Peeling back those biases and just taking the Bible at face value, trying to put ourselves in the shoes of the original audience, is eye-opening.

How does it work?

Grasping God’s Word by Duvall & Hays will show you how to peel back those layers in a simple, easy to understand approach. The textbook explains the process in great detail, walking you step by step through the process. The workbook provides ample opportunity to practice those steps as you go to ensure you understand each concept before you move on to the next. There are building blocks to exegesis and it takes time, but it’s an amazing way to do a lengthy study on a Bible passage that you struggle to understand.

You may have been out of school for years and years or are still in the throes of academia. Either way, this resource is simple to use and quick to get the hang of. There are digital resources as well that you can get ahold of and it would make for an excellent group “project” if you are part of a small group Bible study to take on one of the sample passages in the workbook yourself.

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  1. Thanks for the great recommendation! I hadn’t heard of this resource before, but it sounds helpful. I found a second edition on eBay for just a few dollars and I look forward to digging into it soon.

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