Trusting God by Jerry Bridges

There are few things as wonderful as sitting down with a good book, a highlighter, and some quiet time to read. It’s a rare thing in my house these days, with two little ones who need a whole lot of TLC, and it’s become so valuable for me when I can get it! And so, I want to share with you some of the wonderful books I’ve had the pleasure of learning from in these scattered quiet times.
We’re going to be looking over a new book or resource each month that I believe will be helpful to you, regardless of where you are in your own Bible study journey. This gives us encouragement and inspiration to see where we might get to ourselves. It also gives us the opportunity to enjoy and grow from the fruits of the studies of others. What may begin as a simple study for personal development or a search to answer deep questions can grow into a work that will bless a multitude of others over time.

The Gist of it.

My first review and recommendation is exactly that. Writer Jerry Bridges (since passed on to his home in Heaven) began to study a fundamental truth of Scripture – the fact that God is trustworthy. This took him to examine two truths about God’s character: His sovereignty and His goodness. Bridges remarks that there are three necessary truths to believe if we are going to be able to trust God, especially in times of adversity.

First, we must believe that God is completely sovereign.
Second, that He is infinite in wisdom.
And finally, that He is perfect in love.

Bridges then goes on to bring us two crucial questions:

Can you trust God?

Is God in control?

We may think we have the answers to these questions, even that we fully believe the “church approved” answers we would tell our Pastor if he asked us. But Bridges opens up these questions, alongside the examination of the sovereignty, loving rule of God over our lives, the nations, and the natural world. We may find that while we’ve said we believe God is both good and sovereign equally, in our heart of hearts we don’t really know that that’s true. We wouldn’t be alone!

What is the tone of the book?

This is not a light and fluffy self-help book to make us feel better about ourselves or to give us short term comfort when we’re hurting. This book is the fruit of a study that went on for years, interrupted by personal tragedy in the writer’s life and in the lives of people he knew and cared deeply for. This study was born out of experience and pain, and the nutritious and helpful products of that study are written down in an easy-to-understand way so that we can receive and digest them for ourselves.

I truly cannot recommend this study enough for anyone who is finding themselves asking God “Why?” or who has asked in the past, or who will ask in the future. We will all of us be in that position eventually, if we haven’t already been there. The truths that Bridges unwraps, I am confident, will point you to the God Who rules the universe and loves you deeply – at the same time.

Where to grab yours.

You can grab a copy from,,,, or (This article is not sponsored.)

Happy reading!

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