It’s no  mystery that we don’t always “feel” like getting into our Bibles. Life can throw all kinds of things at us, and it does not take much to make us think that today just is not the day.

Excuses, excuses…

You overslept, and now the whole schedule is off. There just isn’t anywhere to fit Bible study into your day at this point, so you may as well just try again tomorrow.

There’s an important work project that is demanding a lot of your attention right now. You’ll make time for Bible study when you have more time to give. After all, it’s just going to be a few weeks.

Life has been so demanding lately and you are exhausted. God will understand that you need to prioritize physical rest, and your Bible will still be there when you’ve recovered and are ready to go back.

Are these circumstances you’ve allowed to derail your desire to prioritize your spiritual health and wellbeing? I think we can safely say we’ve all been there! And there are a host of other excuses we pull out so we can get a pass. Honestly, the only people who really know your spiritual health status is you and God.

Really, we’re making excuses to soothe a guilty conscience because we know we’ve let our priorities get out of whack. No longer being led by the Spirit, we have lost our motivation for walking worthy of our calling. We’re more or less coasting along on our own ability. Does the phrase “Fake it ‘til you make it” ring a bell? It definitely does to me!

Get back on track!

I recently heard a quote that stood out to me – “The Bible is meant to be bread for daily use, not cake for special occasions.”

It would not occur to a person with a healthy relationship to food to eat only for fifteen minutes a day, every day, and then to go without sustenance for the other twenty three hours and forty-five minutes of each day. You definitely wouldn’t maintain optimal physical health on that diet!

Yet, we will give ourselves a pat on the back if we manage fifteen minutes to get our daily Bible reading in that day before putting our Bibles away until “tomorrow” without even thinking of pulling it out again. We don’t crave it. We don’t really desire it. We’re not hungry for it.

It’s time to stop sacrificing the eternal best at the altar of the temporary good. We need to develop motivation to prioritize our spiritual health – above physical health, financial well being, or emotional health. What is standing in your way? What excuses do you find you use again and again?

Start by identifying the problem and then seeking God’s help to overcome it!

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