Good morning, friends! I am so glad you’ve joined me. I am honoured that you have taken time out of your busy schedule, and chosen to spend it with me. Today, we look at a topic that is so relevant, it’s almost a cliche. But it is so essential!

Do you ever feel like an entire week passes just in the first couple of hours of the day? I know I do! And other days, it feels like the hours are racing by so quickly that I can barely keep my head around it. I struggle often to feel like I’m not doing enough, or I’m doing too much. One day, guilt tells me I should spend less time on this or that, but other times it shouts loudly that I can’t possibly cut down on what needs to be done in the day. Personally, my days are already fully packed with caring for my babies, my husband, my home, and preparing meals. Then add in hobbies, maintaining my extra-familial relationships, ministry opportunities, blog work, preparing to open the online shop…Wow, does it ever feel like twenty-four hours are just not even close to enough.

Regardless of whether you and I have a similar lifestyle, I’m sure that you know what I’m talking about. The only thing that really keeps me heading in the right direction, though, is making sure that I have prioritized my relationship with God. That comes in the form of my daily Scripture time. It’s a sacred time that I simply can’t do without (even if I sometimes try).

I know this is a common struggle, so I’ve got some tips to share with my fellow busy bees that I’ve received over the last few years, and which I think you’ll find helpful. So let’s get started!

#1 – Consistency, Not Perfection

We may be tempted to wait until the perfect time or until you have the ideal set up before you really jump into dedicated Bible study. If perfection is what you’re looking for, it’s never going to happen. However, we can try approaching it as a scheduled appointment. Put it in the calendar for the day and make absolutely sure that nothing else takes that place. You just have to start, focus on being consistent and teachable, and you will see the details fall into place.

If one solid stretch of time just isn’t feasible for whatever reason, try breaking up your study/reading time into smaller portions two or three or four times daily. This is much more achievable and by the end of the day, you’ve spent a whole hour or more! And you’ve kept your heart and mind in the Word all day long.

#2 – Aim for Accessibility

I have learned from experience the necessity of having as quick and accessible a set up as possible. If it’s tedious to get out and put away, we will be more likely to procrastinate.
It can be as simple as picking up our Bible and reading it. Try getting into the habit of carrying a small pencil pouch with highlighters and a pen in your bag or vehicle all the time so that you have the basics. The extras are nice, but they are extra, and if they’re keeping us back from getting into the Word to begin with then they need to be set to the side until we’ve built a consistent habit.

Remember, God has been speaking to believers through His Word for thousands of years, before dictionaries or commentaries or concordances!

#3 – Something is Better than Nothing!

It can be easy to mistake this as an excuse for laziness or a casual attitude toward Bible study. That’s not what I’m saying, though. I am saying that we should be ready to extend the same grace to ourselves that God does. The Lord tells us in Psalm 103 that He “knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust” (vs. 14). You will not get it perfect the first try, and you definitely won’t maintain perfection even if you happened to achieve it once by accident. God knows that, and He will teach you as you let Him develop you in this area.

#4 – Be Intentional

Life is very fluid and full of changing seasons. Some seasons last years, some only weeks or months. There are times when life is smooth sailing, and other times when things get thrown topsy-turvy. In those topsy-turvy days, it may be hard to sit down and read, much less study, your Bible. It will feel impossible to concentrate even when you do sit down. Keep seeking Him and continue to work at it. Trust in His grace and ask for wisdom as you wade through challenging waters.

#5 – Prioritize Your Investments

Lastly, if we can’t find the time, we need to take the initiative and make the time. This one really hits home for me!
If something is important, then we find a way to include it in our daily life. We all know this, but somehow we give ourselves a pass when it comes to our Bibles. We turn “Something is better than nothing” into an excuse to soothe our conscience. We stop actively prioritizing our relationship with God, and as a result our time with Him slides further and further down the list. Everything else becomes more important.

For example, if you spent your morning coffee time on social media or watching the news instead of reading your Bible, your heart is more invested in what’s going on in the world than in the God Who made all things. I can say it because I’m just as guilty as the next person! Our distractions will be different – spouse, kids, career, ministry, media, technology, food, socializing, on and on. We all have them, and we all make idols out of them. Your priorities will reveal your heart’s treasure (Matthew 6:33).

It’s Time to Invest.

We must reject the idea of “I’m too busy to read my Bible today” or “I’ll do it later”. How would you study your Bible if you knew someone was going to take it away from you tomorrow? That’s how we should study our Bibles every time we open the cover. We’ve got to look for the opportunities. We all have the same twenty-four hours in a day and we all have the same desperate spiritual need to meet with God.
Time is the one commodity you can never make back. Let’s stop investing it in this world’s distractions, and instead invest it in something that actually brings a lasting return.


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