Last week, I told you that we would be going a little more in depth on some practical methods of Bible study that ANYONE can do. It doesn’t take a degree or a high IQ to delve in your Bible and I’m going to show you that right here, right now. The word study method is simple and accessible for just about anyone. I’m sure you’ll love to give this a try!

What to have on hand:

These are simple. All you need is a Strong’s Concordance, a reliable Bible dictionary (Easton’s Bible dictionary is a good option), and a copy of Webster’s 1828 Dictionary (or something comparable). Hardcopy or digital, whatever your preference, these materials are generally easy to access and often even free in the public domain. Many Bible apps will have these, or some similar options, available for download within their platform if you live in a small space and don’t have room for hardcopies, or if you are on a budget. Pens, pencils, and highlighters are a necessity of course. And don’t forget your coffee!

How to do it:

The method itself is very straightforward: take a verse you don’t understand or that God has pointed out to you in your daily reading, and write it out on a sheet of paper, with ample space for notes. Highlight the key words and then grab your reference materials. Personally, I like to start with the concordance but it really doesn’t matter too much. You want to find the full meaning of that word, as close to the author’s original intention as possible. Once you have defined the key words/phrases, rewrite the verse using those meanings in a paraphrase that provides the expanded definitions of the words you’ve looked up. You will be amazed at how God will illuminate that Scripture and how much more rooted it will be in your heart and mind!

Why I love it! Simplicity and accessibility are key.

This one is at the top of the list because it is my most preferred approach to Bible study personally. It is one of the simplest and yet has the potential to be so impactful! I learned this method during a very full and busy season working forty hours a week and handling a packed college class load, and I continue to use it with two littles keeping me on my toes day in and out. I have found that it’s a great option for condensing or expanding based on what time you have available.

Newborn baby at home? Have you had a change of career? Jumping into a change of ministry? Are you a student in high school or university with a busy class schedule? You can condense this method down to its simplest form and still get 10-15 minutes of quality study in until you get your routine settled. Once you have that time open up again, you can expand this method to include additional steps like researching cultural context, drawing, journaling prayers, time of reflection, and the list goes on.

So what are you waiting for? No time like the present!

1 thought on “Word Studies

  1. Leah Stephens says:

    This method is genius! I am so excited to try it in my Bible journal! I love all your Bible pages! They are beautiful.

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